We. Empower. Plan Sponsors.

Plan sponsors are time constrained yet under pressure to be knowledgeable fiduciaries under the magnifying glass of regulators, employee scrutiny, and even the retirement plan practices of your direct competitors. With our dedication and guidance, we provide a detail-oriented approach to streamline the process of plan design, investment monitoring, fiduciary compliance, participant outcomes, and fee benchmarking.



Model Portfolio Creation

As part of the plan design process, we evaluate each clients needs and offer customized and professionally diversified model portfolios. The custom portfolios are created using a selected mix of funds from your retirement plan.


Target-date Fund Selection

With target date funds on the rise in retirement plans, the U.S DOL requires 401(k) plans to have a process in place to match the asset mix attributes of the selected target date series to your plan objectives, participant demographics and participant behavior.


Participant Education

Information from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) indicates that about 30% of eligible workers don’t participate in their employer’s retirement investment plan. Our goal is to change that number by helping the plan sponsor keep each participant informed and engaged.


Scorecard System Methodolgy

As investors demand more usable information (along with stronger returns), companies strive to find better ways to analyze investments. The Scorecard System embodies a comprehensive approach to investment due diligence. Measuring three different risk/return criteria as well as style characteristics, peer group rankings and multiple qualitative factors, including portfolio manager tenure, expenses and strength of statistics.