Model Portfolio Creation

Model Portfolios are professionally diversified and adjust automatically. Using Model Portfolios takes some of the guesswork out of diversifying appropriately for your plan goals. The investments within your plan design are chosen from a large selection of individual funds and asset classes, including but not limited to:

  • Stocks, both U.S. and foreign.
  • Bonds, both U.S. and foreign.
  • Emerging and developing markets as well as developed economies.
  • Large stocks, as well as small company stocks.
  • Growth stocks and value stocks.
  • Index funds, inflation hedged funds, real estate securities funds and specialty funds.
  • Conservative funds, such as money market funds, guaranteed accounts and stable value funds.

Flexibility. If a participants risk tolerance or timeframe to retirement changes, they can easily shift to a different Model Portfolio that more closely matches their circumstance or risk attitude.

Options matter. It is important to remember that the composition of a Model Portfolio does not change over time. The time frame to retirement is a key consideration. The Model Portfolio that may be appropriate today, might not be appropriate as retirement approaches. Our customized portfolios can range from a total of 6 to a total of 14, depending on plan preference.

Professional help. Adding our customized and professionally diversified model portfolios to your plan design can help take the guess work out of investing and assist participants who prefer a more automated approach. Let us help!