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Plan sponsors operate under intense scrutiny with little internal expertise of a caliber sufficient to satisfy regulators, management and employees. We undertake key fiduciary responsibilities on a regular basis to help you stay competitive and compliant.


Fiduciary Services 3(21) & 3(38)

Plan sponsors are required to prudently select and monitor plan investments. ERISA provides for differing types of assistance with this task.

A 3(21) investment fiduciary is a paid professional who provides investment recommendations to the plan sponsor/trustee. The plan sponsor/trustee retains ultimate decision-making authority for the investments and may accept or reject the recommendations. Both share the fiduciary responsibility.


Fiduciary Fitness Program™

The Fiduciary Fitness Program is an independent compliance tool that measures the health of a retirement plan. The program provides resources to help identify potential weaknesses in a plan and remedy those weaknesses through education, diligence, documentation and improved processes.


Fiduciary Investment Review™

Plan sponsors operate under intense scrutiny. Investment reviews, fee disclosures, plan design, investment analysis and fund replacement all require seeing beyond the obvious. We provide massively robust investment analytics, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative metrics and meaningful investment cost benchmarking so that your participants can achieve successful outcomes.


Investment Policy Statement

The purpose of an Investment Policy Statement is to assist your Investment Committee in effectively supervising, monitoring and evaluating the management of the Retirement Plan.


Fiduciary Briefcase™ - Client Portal

The Fiduciary Briefcase is an online portal designed to be your private filing system in the virtual world. Housing meeting minutes, compliance documents, newsletters and so much more!