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If you aren’t sure whether your investment advisory costs, recordkeeping costs, custodial costs, or investment costs are inline with current market trends, contact us today! We have several benchmarking options to choose from.



B1 Fee Benchmarker

Do you know how much your retirement plan costs? Do you know if those fees are reasonable? ERISA requires that retirement plans must have reasonable plan expenses. But what does “reasonable” mean? While the Department of Labor (DOL) has not explicitly come out with any benchmarks for use in determining fee reasonableness, they have issued guidance recommending that plans benchmark their providers on a regular basis (every three to four years).


B3 Provider Analysis™ - Live Bid RFP

The B3 Provider Analysisrepresents the three cornerstones of 401(k) plan benchmarking: fees, services, and investment opportunities. This analysis is electronically linked to more than 50 different providers offering more than 100 401(k) product variations. Our objective is to allow you, the plan fiduciaries, to make educated and informed choices of recordkeeping and investment providers for your plan.


Fee Benchmarker

Fee Benchmarker™ is a tool that compares Advisor/401(k) Consultant fees to a database of industry norms for a selected plan size. It provides advisor fees ranked by quartile, compares regional and business model fee variations, includes a scope of services comparison including fiduciary services and itemizes retainer and project-based fees.