Dave Ramsey's SmartDollar

For years, many employers have believed that teaching their employees about retirement education can
only happen on-site. And, for the most part, they've been right. But things have changed. Now teaching your
company about 401(k) benefits is a mouse-click away. That's because retirement education has moved online,
and the benefits are overwhelming.

1. Scalable
Online teaching is scalable, allowing your team to learn at home, on their lunch break, or on the go rather than
filling up overcrowded, difficult-to-book conference rooms. SmartDollar requires minimal coordination by you.
It can be rolled out to your entire company at once, and it’s especially beneficial for multi-site companies.

2. Flexible
An additional benefit is that employees aren't taking up valuable work time! It's available anytime,
anywhere, on any device. Employees can access the resources via home computer, laptop, phone, etc.
whenever it's convenient for them.

3. Private
Using an online program also gives your employees a sense of privacy that an on-site class won't allow. Who
wants to talk about money and retirement savings with their coworkers? SmartDollar allows employees to have
the privacy they want without losing the valuable content and instruction they need.

4. Brief
We have created our training sessions to be short—really short. A quick online video is much easier to pay
attention to than a one-hour training session. Our attention spans keep getting shorter, and SmartDollar
takes that into consideration.

5. Easy for Spouses
Our online program also allows spouses to get involved. On-site teaching often takes place during work
hours, so it's difficult for spouses to be present. Using an online 401(k) education program like SmartDollar
allows your employee and their spouse to go through the program together on their own schedule.

6. Reporting
Your quarterly SmartDollar Scorecard will help you measure your company's results. With our online
metrics, you will see your employees' financial wellness scores improve as they take control of their money
and move closer to reaching their financial goals.

But what about accountability? Can you really have accountability in an online program? Absolutely. SmartDollar has
constant reinforcement and frequent follow-ups so employees stay on track and keep making progress through the
plan. So if you haven’t implemented SmartDollar as your retirement education platform, now is a great time to start!
SmartDollar also uses quizzes after each lesson to help with information retention. It's not about grading or
testing for the sake of testing. The idea is to make sure the concepts are understood well enough to put them to
use in everyday life.


Check out this YouTube video. Denise Hart, Amplify's VP of Human Resources, visited the Dave Ramsey show to talk about her family's success in paying off debt and how the SmartDollar program has helped Amplify employees pay down their debt as well!

SmartDollar and the Dave Ramsey organization are unaffiliated with Retirement Consulting Group, KMS, and Ladenburg Thalmann. SmartDollar's interview with Denise Hart, human resources manager, is a production of the Dave Ramsey organization.