Most individuals approach us for help with no better than back-of-the-napkin estimates as to whether they are on track to retire, and often with little clear idea whether they will outlive their money after accounting for the uncertainties of life expectancy, future inflation, unknown future financial returns, and the impact of potential unplanned significant expenses. We offer optional financial planning to connect you with life changes, data changes and market changes. Periodic financial planning reassessments are integral to developing strategies to minimize the chance of running out of money too soon in old age. Are you really set for retirement? Lets find out.

Planning Topics

Discover shortfalls and highlight solutions to drive our client action towards the best financial future. 

Net Worth  

  • Current Year  


  • Asset Worksheet
  • Current & Suggested
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Projection by Taxation Type 
  • Educational reports covering: asset allocation, market risk & diversification
  • investment returns & power of compounding

Goal Evaluation

  • Set priorities levels for each goal


  • Retirement Capital Analysis
  • Retirement Summary Shortage Solutions
  • Retirement Expense Summary
  • Monte Carlo with 10,000 Trials & Fat Tail Option
  • What-If? Modeling
  • When-If? Dynamic Behavioral Analysis with Variable Retirement Ages & Spending


  • Current Situation
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Current Flowchart & Estimate
  • Alternative Structure Flowchart & Estimate 
  • 5 Year Future Estate Tax Estimate

Special Features

  • What-If? 
  • When-If?
  • Customer Access (online edition)
  • Management Reports (online edition)

Planning Data

We create plans collaboratively with clients and model adjustments on the fly, creating multiple planning iterations for better decision making.


  • Birth date
  • Retirement age
  • Life expectancy


  • Risk tolerance information


  • Estate detail information


  • Pension benefits
  • Earned income
  • Social Security (manual or optimal strategy)


  • Income Needs
  • Special Income
  • Special Expense


  • Education Funding Information
  • College Cost Estimator


  • Savings, Investments, and Retirement Account Information
    • Balance
    • Addition
    • Owner
    • Taxation
    • Asset Class

Additional Assets/Debts

  • Personal Asset Information
  • Debts Information


  • Before & After Retirement Rates of Return per Taxation Type
  • Inflation Rates
  • Effective Tax Rates
  • Asset Deposits Increase Rates