Plan sponsors operate under intense scrutiny from regulators and employees. Few plan sponsors can or want to manage the demands of retirement planning alone—compliance reviews, requests for proposals, fee disclosures, plan design and investment analysis—all of which require expertise and objectivity. Plan sponsors must undertake all of this and more on a regular basis to stay competitive and compliant.

We have served plan sponsor needs for decades, bringing together the investment, recordkeeping, custody, actuarial and legal community to design effective, cost efficient retirement plan solutions. Quarterly performance evaluations and fiduciary committee meetings. Third-party cost benchmarking of all vendors. Meticulously documented, live-bid RFP search and replacement. Multi-lingual participant communications meetings and education materials.

We are your first line of offense for effective plan design, and your last line of defense related to investment performance measurement, manager search and vendor replacement. We are fiduciaries.